We love making books.

From passionate writing and meticulous editing, to intricate and unique design, to expert and careful toolion, these books are the result of much love and care. We’ve been at this for over a decade, and you’ll find the proof in all the tiny details and orchestrated moments that can only be achieved with ink-soaked paper.

All our books are printed with soy ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper by skilled artisans in Louisville, Quebec, Canada using the finest offset printing presses.

No Wall They Can Build scrutinizes the borders that control movement around North America. Drawing on nearly a decade of solidarity work in the desert between Mexico and Arizona, the authors uncover the real goals and costs of US border policy, who benefits from it, and what it will take to change it.

From Democracy to Freedom grew out of years of dialogue between participants in social movements around the world. Exploring how recent uprisings have been catalyzed and limited by democratic discourse, From Democracy to Freedom explores the difference between government and self-determination, proposing new ways to understand what we’re doing when we make decisions together.

Contradictionary is a glossary of capitalist cant and anarchist argot—a field operations manual for the war within every word. In the tradition of The Devil’s Dictionary, it concentrates a wealth of ideas and history into aphorisms and anecdotes, alternately scathing and sublime.

After so much technological progress, why do we have to work more than ever before? How is it that the harder we work, the poorer we end up compared to our bosses? Starting from the vantage point of our daily lives, Work offers an overview of 21st century capitalism and how to fight it.

A hybrid field manual and tragic novel, Expect Resistance picks up where Days of War, Nights of Love leaves off, extending the analysis and recounting the adventures of those who staked everything on their wildest dreams. An epic of personal secession and collective resistance.

Recipes for Disaster is a tactical handbook for direct action, extensively illustrated with technical diagrams and firsthand accounts. It combines decades of hard-won knowledge about everything from collective organizing and antifascist action to squatting, graffiti, and sabotage.

Your ticket to a world free of charge. Our flagship book, Days of War, Nights of Love, is the perfect starting place for anyone seeking a life of passionate revolt. It is a visionary manifesto, a daring challenge to everything we take for granted, a riotous explosive experiment of a book.

A punk rock vision quest told in the tradition of the anarchist travel story, Off the Map is narrated by two young women as they discard their maps, fears, and anything resembling a plan, and set off on the winds of the world. Without the smug cynicism that seems to permeate most modern radical tales, this story is told with genuine hope, and a voice that never loses its connection with the mysteries of life, even in the midst of everyday tragedies. Wandering across Europe, the dozens of vignettes are the details of the whole—a squatted castle surrounded by tourists on the Spanish coast, a philosophizing businessman on the highways of France, a plaça full of los crustos in Barcelona, a diseased foot in a Belgian train squat, a glow bug on the dew-covered grass of anywhere—a magical, novel-like folktale for the end of the world.

¿Por qué la gente cruza la frontera sin documentos? ¿Cómo hacen el viaje? ¿A qué intereses sirve la frontera, y qué provoca en Norteamérica? Cada año, miles de personas arriesgan la vida cruzando el desierto entre México y Estados Unidos. Sobre la base de casi una década de trabajo solidario a lo largo de la frontera, este libro revela las verdaderas metas y costes de la política fronteriza de Estados Unidos, y qué podríamos hacer al respecto.

CrimethInc. Into Libraries

For those who don’t have the extra resources with which to buy books or who just aren’t excited about acquiring more possessions, we have good news for you—the CrimethInc. Into Libraries program. Our books are in more libraries than you might guess, and if not, you can probably get them onto the shelves, for free. Find out how!

Literature Distro Kit

Our books are the cornerstone of our Literature Distribution Kit, an all-in-one literature distro for you to deploy how you see fit. It contains a mix of both books to sell and stuff to give away, everything you need to set up a table at a show, take on tour, or spread the word out of your backpack or break-room.