The Hotwire #4: September 13, 2017


Autonomous Hurricane Irma relief, DREAMer resistance, prisoners need our support


This week we speak with Dezeray, an anarchist involved in Mutual Aid Disaster Relief organizing in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Next, we interview Sam, an anarchist DACA recipient, about undocumented youth resistance. A number of political prisoners are in urgent need of support. Victorious striking workers show that direct action gets the goods. We remember Attica, the September 11 military coup in Chile, and Charlottesville. At the end we announce some anarchist book fairs and the Juggalo March on Washington.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Headlines {1:25}
    • Feature: Autonomous relief after Hurricane Harvey {7:25}
    • Interview with an anarchist DACA recipient {15:30}
    • Repression Roundup {22:55}
    • Prisoner Birthdays {26:55}
    • Next Week’s News {28:30}
  • We interview an anarchist in Florida with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. You can get the latest updates on autonomously organized relief in the wake of Hurricane Irma from their website and their facebook page. No Walls No Borders is also organizing in Florida after Irma.

  • If you’re undocumented and want to get involved in DREAMer activism, check out the United We Dream site to find a group near you. Back in February, CrimethInc. published a text titled “What Would it Take to Stop the Raids?” that seems even more pressing now that the president has announced the end of DACA. We also have new anti-border stickers and posters you can print or order, and a new book titled “No Wall They Can Build,” which charts 10 years of migrant-solidarity work along the US-Mexico border.

  • Upcoming anarchist bookfairs:

    The Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair in Oakland, CA on September 16 at Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, California 94609.

    The Radical Book Fair pavillion at the Baltimore Book Festival September 22–24.

    The Houston Anarchist Book Fair on September 24 located at MECA, 1900 Kane St., Houston, Texas.

  • The Insane Clown Posse released a useful promo for what to expect at the Juggalo March on Washington this Saturday, September 16. The promo complains about Juggalos not being able to join the military, which might turn some anarchists and radicals off from showing solidarity. The IWW’s General Defense Committee and Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee’s joint statement supporting the march argues that we should support the anti-repression efforts of Juggalos even though not every juggalo’s politics will be perfectly in line with anarchism.

  • Join a Running Down the Walls 5K fundraiser on September 17. Find out about runs near you here.

  • Get your pre-orders in now for the 2018 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar. This year’s theme is “Awakening Resistance,” and features art and writings by Jesus Barraza, Fight Toxic Prisons, Serena Tang, Andrea Ritchie, Roger Peet, Sophia Dawson, Rasmea Support Committee, EE Vera, Herman Bell, Fernando Marti, Alexandra Valiente, Billie Belo, Arlene Gallone Support Committee, Marius Mason, David Gilbert, UB Topia, April Rosenblum, Design Action Collective, Sundiata Acoli, Crimethinc, Annie Banks, Mutope Duguma, Xinachtli, Zola and more.

  • There’s a call to disrupt the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia from October 21st to the 24th. Read the call to action here.

  • Past Ex-Worker episodes mentioned in this Hotwire:

    #29: Anarchism in Chile, Part I: From Popular Power to Social War

    #30: Anarchism in Chile, Part II

    #50: The History and Future of Prison Strikes and Solidarity

    #58: Not Your Grandparents’ Antifascism

    We also mention The Chicago Conspiracy documentary about contemporary revolt in Chile and the recent interview with a Chilean anarchist that we published for the anniversary of September 11.

  • For more anarchist podcasts, check out the excellent weekly anarchist radio show The Final Straw to hear anarchist prisoner Sean Swain’s irreverent and lively radio productions. You can find out about a whole bunch of other anarchist podcasts through the new anarchist podcast network Channel Zero.

  • Check out these reflections on last year’s National Prison Strike, organized in large part by the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the IWW.

  • We mention that almost 100,000 prisoners in Florida were not evacuated and left to the mercy of Hurricane Irma. Supporters organized a phone zap for September 9, but it’s probably still a good idea to keep the pressure on and let the prison staff know that we are monitoring their inaction and that we stand with our incarcerated brothers and sisters on the inside. A similar phone zap was organized for prisoners outside of Houston after Hurricane Harvey, and it’s probably still a good idea to keep the pressure on there as well.

  • A bunch of calls to support political prisoners have been made this week:

    69 year old Black Panther Party political prisoner Herman Bell was (assaulted by guards]( Please write Herman a get-well card at his new address:
    Herman Bell #79-C–0262
    Five Points Correctional Facility
    P.O. Box 119
    Romulus, N.Y. 14541​

    Anarchist, disabled, latinx prisoner Coyote Acabo is in need of fundraising and letters. Please write him at:
    Coyote Acabo #316348
    YJC Yakima Co. Dept. Corrections
    111 N Front Street
    Yakima WA 98901

    Ramsey Orta is coming up on one year of incarceration after the NYPD retaliated against him for filming Eric Garner’s death in 2014. Please send Ramsey some letters to let him know we have his back. You can use this online form or his inmate address:
    Ramsey Orta, 16A4200 ​
    Franklin Correctional Facility
    P.O. Box 10
    Malone, New York 12953–0010

  • We mention Dane Powell’s courage on the streets of DC during Trump’s inauguration. This video spells it out. 196 of Dane’s codefendants are still pending trial, check out to learn more.

  • For a good introduction to writing prisoners, check out this guide from New York City Anarchist Black Cross.

  • Political prisoner birthdays:

    Sean Swain #243–205
    Warren CI P.O.
    Box 120
    Lebanon, Ohio 45036
    {September 12}

    Leonard Peltier #89637–132 USP Coleman I
    Post Office Box 1033
    Coleman, Florida 33521
    {September 12}

    Here is this month’s Political Prisoner Birthday Calendar.