Warehouse space opens (sort of), convergence this summer in Des Moines, Iowa


At long last, CrimethInc. Far East has moved out of the living room (and that one half of the bathroom, the back room, Lisa’s parent’s basement, and the storage space) and into a warehouse space in downtown Olympia, WA. Eventually, this will be open to the public as The Crossing, a bookstore and infoshop; in the meantime, while we wrestle with building codes and so on, people can contact us to make appointments to come by and pick up literature and other material in person.

This summer, between August 20 and 26, Des Moines, Iowa will host a convergence of CrimethInc. agents and all other interested parties. You’re invited, of course. Transportation will be provided for those leaving this event to attend the party of a lifetime in New York City immediately thereafter. Learn more and keep up with developments here. As summer heats up, we’ll unveil our plans for a few tours and another convergence. We’ll have plenty of new music and literature finished soon, too.