Convergence Promo Materials Now Available

We’ve repurposed some of our favorite May Day propaganda to spread the word of the upcoming CrimethInc. Convergence (July 16-20, near Milwaukee, WI). Please, download the new materials and spread them widely—bring them to anarchist social centers and infoshops, on your music and speaking tours: invite everyone!

Download 2-Up Flyer PDF : Download Poster PDF

The convergence will be several days of self-organized workshops, presentations, performances, and other activities where everyone can be a presenter—so bring your own ideas, not to mention camping gear and whatever resources you can share. This year there will be a focus on coordinating for the demonstrations at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as well as longer-range anarchist endeavors. Internationals will share experiences from overseas. Participation is free, of course, along with literature, food, child care, and camping space; the convergence will be a sober, consent-based space.

Locals on the ground in Milwaukee, putting in work for this summer’s CrimethInc. Convergence, have announced a public redirect location at Gordon Park (Locust St. & Humboldt Blvd) in Milwaukee, WI.