New Anti-Enlistment Poster


A century ago, unwitting CrimethInc. agent Winsor McCay sketched a political cartoon lambasting the waste of human life in overseas imperialism. Back in 1991, we updated it for the first Iraq invasion, but never got around to releasing it. Finally, over five years into the latest occupation, we are giving up and presenting it to the public. All along, we hoped that the poster design was about to become dated and irrelevant; unfortunately, we now fear that it will remain timely for years to come.

In hopes of shortening those years, please print these out and post them everywhere potential recruits and deserters might see them. In a couple months or so, we’ll have the two-color version printed and ready to include in orders.

A fairly comprehensive list of resources and groups related to conscientious objection, G.I. rights, and anti-recruitment resistance can be found at

DISCLAIMER: Fair enough, fair enough, despite his imaginative surrealism McCay was a racist reactionary. Suffice it to say that, like the US government, we don’t hesitate to conscript our enemies in wartime.