2nd Expect Resistance Printing Now Shipping


We recently received, and have begun mailing out, fresh copies from the second printing of Expect Resistance. In our endless quest for perfection, we’ve made several minor changes to this printing, resulting in a hard-fought, solid advance towards the definitive edition:


  1. Shifted the margins around just a smidge to allow more space on the inside margin, and more centering of text that appears on image backgrounds,

  2. Switched the color of the red ink on the inside to a slightly darker tone to facilitate easier reading (from Pantone 193 to 187),

  3. Adjusted some images to print better, particularly images that were printing too dark,

  4. A couple design adjustments that no one will even notice, and

  5. Fixed a typo. All that said, there is no new content, so if you bought the first printing, don’t feel slighted—and if you’ve been waiting to check the book out, now is a great time to get a crisp copy hot off the press.