Bookmark Teaser for New CrimethInc. Book


To set the stage for next week’s announcements, we present to you the free bookmark that will be included in the first 999 orders of the new book. Hand printed on the letterpress in our garage, it might just be possible to feel some of the excitement and thrill we had making these in preparation for the book’s release.

Letterpress geeky note: Because we were printing on non-white paper, we chose to create our baby blue ink by mixing the blue ink not with the usual translucent white ink, but instead with an opaque white ink, not intended for mixing. This helped keep the ink from being darkened by the paper, and resulted in a delightful visual pop. Using that success as a guide, we mixed the orange with a smidge of metallic silver ink to help give it some brilliance as well. You can judge the results when you get one of these in hand.