More Bad News About Work


The good news is we hope this will be the last update about our difficulties bringing our newest book, Work, into the world, and our next announcement will be that they are finally ready to ship out. The bad news is all the intermittent disasters and disappointments that got us here: we’ve had numerous setbacks and failed attempts to repair the books we had printed, all of which took an absurd amount of time to deliver untenable results to get us to where we are now—basically, right back at zero.

Work is now being reprinted, and we expect to have copies to mail out mid-June. For the hundreds of you who have back-ordered the book—anticipating, as did we, that they would be available by now—we offer our most sincere apologies. Never did we imagine this fiasco would be extended for so long. You have three options: 1) Do nothing and your book will be among the first ones sent out a month from now, 2) Cancel your order by emailing us, or 3) E-mail us to remove Work from your order, and we’ll ship out the rest immediately (send emails to Details of the exchange/credit program for people who received defective copies will be announced once we have the new copies in hand. Thanks everyone for your patience during what has been a genuine nightmare for us!