Ex-Worker #12: Remembering Means Fighting


Anarchist resistance to fascism has a long and colorful history. In the 12th episode of the Ex-Worker, we build on last episode’s exploration of anti-fascism with a brief glimpse into the anarchist militias and guerrillas who fought against Franco in the Spanish Revolution and beyond. The Occupied London Collective joins us for an in-depth interview about fascism and resistance in Greece, discussing how the rise of the Golden Dawn fits into the global advance of neoliberal capitalism and how Greek anarchists have responded. We also share a revised Free Speech FAQ, a tool for anti-fascists to use in challenging civil libertarian defenses of fascist organizing. A special guest contributor chips in with a set of lively anti-fascist movie reviews. Listeners offer more antifa updates and crucial ways to get involved, alongside news of riots, blockades, and so much more.

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