Thanks to You


Thanks to you, we’ve successfully funded our next two books, No Wall They Can Build and From Democracy to Freedom! Altogether, you pledged more than $17,000; over 600 print copies of each of the print books are already spoken for. We are eager to get these out into the world and grateful for your assistance.

In addition to the books, we will be printing tens of thousands of our new full-color poster “Borders: The Global Caste System.” You can see the front of the poster here; we will publish the complete design shortly. We hope to see these adorn the walls everywhere that people are indoctrinated with racist propaganda about immigration while families are torn apart by deportation.

We came within a couple thousand dollars of our stretch goal to print stickers and arrange translations of the books—but we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t do stuff that we can’t afford, would we? One way or another, we’ll print the stickers and put them at your disposal. Likewise, with enough volunteer assistance, we still hope to offer Spanish translations. If you’re interested in publishing these books in another other language, please get in touch.

In 2-3 weeks backers will receive a survey in which we collect your shipping address, email address, as well as the custom inscription (if any) you’d like in your PDFs. We still are on track with our projected timeline of sending the PDFs in March and the printed rewards in April.