Starting in October 2017, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) kidnapped six people in Penza, planting weapons in their cars and using torture to force them to sign forged confessions admitting to membership in an invented “terror network.” Arrestees were beaten, hung upside down, and electrocuted. At the end of January 2018, two more antifascists were arrest in St. Petersburg and subjected to the same treatment. In response to solidarity actions in Moscow and Chelyabinsk, additional activists have been arrested, tortured with electrical shocks, and criminally charged. These arrests are part of a larger crackdown proceeding the 2018 presidential elections and the World Cup.

For years, police agencies around the world have attempted to fabricate conspiracies in order to frame anarchists as participants in nationwide and global terrorists networks. All fo these attempts have been dismal failures. Now, the Russian security services have introduced an innovation that they hope will finally make this strategy succeed. If this approach works, other police agencies across the world will begin to utilize the same tactics.

Spread the word about the torture cases in Russia. We could be next.

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