Sandman on US & Canadian tour


Harbinger update


Firstly, we are all very excited by the overwhelmingly positive response to the release of the Sandman / The Long Walk Home CD, and such enthusiastic support certainly encourages us to consider further exploring other musical genres—so, thank you! It has made us feel warm in our little hearts to hear how much some of you love the record. Be sure to go see Sandman on his full tour of the U.S. and Canada from April 21st to June 13th, his live show is great and he will also be touring with a variety of CrimethInc. literature. There are still a few cities that he needs some help setting up a show, so please check the tour page and drop him a line if you can help. And for a glimpse into the future: Sandman will start recording a new full-length album in Minnesota after the tour, to be released many months later. We can’t wait.

In the mean time, our toes are thawing out in the fresh, fresh Olympia sun after a rainy and cold, cold Olympian winter. The distribution of the fifth Harbinger is going better than we could have expected, with one third of the entire print run already sent out for distribution and no sign of letting up—if you were waiting to order your copies, don’t wait too long, or they’ll be gone. Also, in the last month we have done the second printing of Off the Map, and the second printing of 20,000 gender posters. We have a couple of new projects planned for the summer, but we’ll keep them up our sleeve for now.