Spring Into Action: New Poster, New Paper, and Last Call for Cookbook Submissions!


Just in time for Mayday, but unfortunately too late to save the tens of thousands of lives that have been squandered for the sake of empire, we unveil our newest poster, There Are Better Ways to Leave Iraq. Download it to redecorate your local army recruiting station.

In association with dontjustvote.com, we have designed and printed an educational paper contrasting the effectiveness of voting with that of direct action (in the broadest sense), and promoting the call for direct action on election day 2004. It includes two posters, also suitable for framing on public walls. Copies of this and the new poster will go out in mailorders; to obtain bulk copies to distribute, please contact the mail room at dontjustvote.com.

Finally, the intensive program of testing and development that has accompanied the compiling of our new anarchist cookbook is entering its final stages. If you know of some arcane strategy or tactic that creative and subversive people worldwide should have at their disposal, this is your last chance to send it to cookbook@crimethinc.com.